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Warm Congratulation on Official Opening of the Website of Zhejiang Julong Steel Industry Co., Ltd.

时间:2018/8/29 10:05:05

The products ofZhejiang Julong Steel Industry Co., Ltd.are widely applicable to petrochemical, shipbuilding, marine engineering, boiler heat exchangers, aerospace, environmental protection, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature refrigeration, corrosion resistance, machinery, automotives, medicine, food, nuclear power, water conservancy, construction, fertilizer urea, new energy equipment and other industries, thus being favoured by many users. The company’s pipes supplied for nuclear power equipment and urea-level pipes meet the stringent requirements for high-end pipe production and inspection.

     The company has hundreds of tons of spot stocks all the year round, with the length of more than ten meters and the sizes ranging from 19*2, 19*2.5, 25*2 to 25*2.5. Customized cutting is available upon actual demands, and the conventional delivery term is 3-5 days in terms of for pipe cutting. Pressure Pipeline Component TS Certificate Number: TS2710O58-2018

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